ich bin back

May 3, 2009 at 1:26 am (culture, Europe, tech)

I’m back in Stuttgart, Germany for the FMX Conference this year. And having been able to come once, go home, then come back again … I’ve found a whole new slew of patterns and interesting things about Germany and Europe.

Here’s a small list, and I’ve been here for only 5 hours

  1. taking Swiss Air to go anywhere is much like a journey to Rivendell. Only, there’s really suprisingly  with no leg room.
  2. All serious Germans must wear the tiniest modern glasses barely covering their pupils. This includes children.
  3. If you live in Europe, your mobile phone number consists of 22 digits , roughly (WTF???).
  4. Germans actually sweat chocolate, true fact.

Oh man, I’m so friggin’ jet lag. I really need to get to bed again as it’s 3am my time.. It’s gonna be a long week, so I gotta spare the energy tonight.

oh look, Leicas I found while strolling around the Schloss… 🙂


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