April 8, 2009 at 11:19 pm (awareness, Global, interweb)

Don’t trust anything that has to go inside quotation marks when written/published.

I guess the stranger moment in life is when shit like this affects you … late. This video has gone viral for a while now, and my friend Eva passed it on to me.

The irony is of course, is that it starts out with a guy performing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, literally just outside my door. The door outside of which, I walk through every day ignoring ALL the people soliciting/begging/stopping me for some recognition, some moment to get my attention. Because NO, I don’t trust that you’re sweet and Asian-lookin and giving me a card I have to read… which apparently ultimately rips me off. Or NO, I don’t trust that the money I might give you will go towards food, or even the booze you think is cool to admit to openly. I just want to get my Subway before the afternoon rush and get back in my office hole.

And it takes this, a YouTube video connecting people from around the globe for me to really pay attention to some cool dude in front of the Adidas store on Third. Glad the interweb made me aware of something in my lap.



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